Sales Growth We teach people how to sell, how to increase sales and make more income. Practical Oriented We offer practical training and consultancy to individuals and corporate organizations. Our Trainings are Standards are not Compromise Tell us your organizations or individual needs and we will design a new module that fit your organization’s needs. We are your ultimate training, consulting and capacity building partner.


Some of the areas we consult and train in are:

    1. Customer Service Excellence
    2. Basic Selling Skills
    3. Advance Selling Skills
    4. Wisdom for Salespeople
    5. Basic Leadership Skills
    6. Advance Leadership Skills
    7. Wisdom for Leading People
    8. Strategic and Transformational Leadership
    9. Effective Communication Skills
    10. Effective Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
    11. Team Building and Team Dynamics
    12. TeamLeadership
    13. New Employee Induction and Placement
    14. Emotional Intelligence
    15. Change Management Strategy
    16. Entrepreneurship and Basic Business Management
    17. Psychology of Motivation (Employee Engagement)
    18. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat analysis
    19. Corporate Strategy Development & Corporate Strategy Planning
    20. Meeting Management Dynamics
    1. Business Innovations (Driving Business Growth through Innovations)
    2. Basic Marketing (Marketing for the Non-Marketing Executive)
    3. Brand Positioning and Brand Delivery
    4. Marketing Communication Campaign Planning
    5. Service Delivery and Service Management
    6. Competitors Analysis
    7. Evaluation of Business Process and Business Activity
    8. Product and Organizational Marketing
    9. Marketing Plan &Business Plan Planning
    10. Brand Building and Brand Management Planning & Strategy
    11. Succession Planning
    12. Effective Decision Making and Judgement Skills
    13. The Honest and Loyal Employee
    14. Corporate Governance
    15. Proposal and Report Writing
    16. Stress Management and Healthy Living
    17. Packaging for Career Excellence& Career Development