Some of the areas we consult and train in are:

1.Customer Service Excellence
2.How to Build Strong Brands (Brand Building and Brand Management)
3.How to Build Generational Business (Building to Last)
4.How to Manage Change (Change Management Strategies)
5.How to Stay at the Cutting Edge in Leadership
6.Leadership Journey (What to Expect as a Leader)
7.Wisdom for Leading People
8.Leadership Style
9.Leadership Skills for Managers
10.Smart Leadership (Judgement and Decision making skills)
11.Leadership Challenge
12.Leading with Excellence
13.ABC of Leadership (Essentials of Leadership)
14.Essentials of Management
15.Team Building (How to Build a Team)
16.How to Lead a Team
17.Team Dynamics
18.Common Mistakes in Team Building
19.Building a Winning Team
20.Brand Positioning and Brand Delivery
21.Emotional Intelligence
22.Succession Planning (Preparing your Successor)
23.Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
24.Psychology of Motivation (How to motivate your employees and the people you lead for business growth)
25.Drafting of Strategic Plan for Business Success
26.Strategy Formulation and Execution
27.Evaluation of Corporate Strategy
28.Driving Business Growth Through Innovational Culture
29.Basic Business Management
30.Product Marketing
31.Delivering Constructive Criticism
32.Basic Marketing (Marketing for the Non-Marketing Executive)
33.New Employee Induction and Placement

34.Crafting and Implementing Integrated Marketing Communication Plan
35.Service Delivery and Service Management
36.Competitors Analysis
37.Evaluation of Business Process and Business Activity
38.Marketing your Organization
39.Marketing Plan : Analysis and Evaluation
40.Drafting ,Analysis and Evaluation of Business Plan
41.Analysis and Evaluation of Marketing Strategy
42.Wisdom for Sales People
43.Effective Selling Skills
44.Body Language in Selling
45.Sales, Prospecting and Lead Generation
46.Knowledge Base Selling
47.High Performance selling
48.Selling Ethics
49.Effective Communication Skills
50.Effective Presentation Skills
51.Corporate Governance
52.Interpersonal Skills (Human Relation Skills)
53.The Honest Employee
54.The Loyal Employee
55.Attitude of a Great Employee
56.Attitude of a Great Boss
57.Report Writing
58.The ABC of Supervision (Supervising for Success)
59.Skills of a Good Assistant
60.Stress Management and Healthy living
61.Career Success Tips
62.Career Management
63.Packaging for Career Excellence
64.How to Maintain and Keep your Job